As Eti Bakir Co., we are fully aware that ensuring the health and safety of our staff and of everybody who are affected by our operations is the prerequisite of our company’s quality and productivity. Our policy is to operate in the safest way possible as required by the law and the world standards. To achieve this, we will establish and maintain a Work Health and Safety System. As the management, we undertake to create the safest and most healthy work environment by organising continuous training programmes and ensuring uninterrupted communications between the senior management and personnel. WORK HEALTH and SAFETY is a prime responsibility for every member of staff from managers to the employees. ​


Eti Bakir Co. is a leading company in Turkey which has adopted the core principles of preserving the environment, respecting the nature and running a sustainable mining operation. For us, the environment and the people are in the forefront of our projects and investment programmes. In all our activities, our main policy is to employ effective environmental management practices and constantly improve our environment performance criteria. 
As Eti Bakir Co. we implement the following in our mining operations with deep awareness of the environment:
  • Natural resources and all sorts of energy sources are used in the most productive and economic way possible; natural resource consumption is lessened by effective water management and energy management programs. 
  • Potential environmental risks during the mining operations is reduced to the most reasonably attainable level, environmental problems are identified and the necessary measures are taken;
  • Possible waste produced by our operations is reduced and/or the waste is prevented at source to be re-used and/or the waste is parsed at source for highest level of recycling and reuse. 
  • Legal compliance evaluation processes are developed to ensure that we comply with the effective environment regulations, company environment policies and producers in Turkey. 
  • All members of our staff and our contractors are given Environment Awareness training to ensure that they protect the environment, understand the environmental impact of their work and to reduce possible impacts. 
  • As a part of our environmental risk assessment study, decision making mechanisms are established to prevent environmental incidents and accidents that may occur in our operation areas and preventive and corrective measures are integrated in our emergency response plans.
  • Proposals of our staff, contractors and other stakeholders regarding the environment are recorded and assessed and those that may make a positive contribution to our environmental performance are implemented. 
  • Rehabilitation and nature compatibility projects, including the environmental retrieval plans, are implemented and followed up in our area of operation. 
  • Efficiency of our environment management in our area of operations is achieved by ensuring constant review and supervision through an environmental monitoring programme. 
  • Our environmental policy is communicated to our staff, our contractors, the people, the public offices that we interact with, our suppliers and customers. 
The management team and the managers of Eti Bakir Co. are liable to: implement our environmental policy, ensure the sustainability of our environment management system and enhance our company’s credibility in the public opinion by further improving our performance in these areas. 
All Eti Bakır Inc. employees are responsible for protecting the environment and contributing to and developing the environment management system by constantly improving it.​