Eti Bakır A.Ş. Küre Plant

Before privatization, mining and production operations at the Eti Bakır A.Ş. Küre Plant were limited to a depth of 140 m. Following the acquisition of the plant by Cengiz Holding, exploration showed new reserves below 140 meters and a new underground system descending to 960 meters was established. New tunnels with a length of 40 km and wide enough to traverse with subterranean vehicles were also excavated. Today, the Eti Bakır A.Ş. Küre plant produces 1,000,000 tons of Raw Copper Ore, 90,000 tons of Copper Concentrate and 400,000 tons of Pyrite Concentrate every year through underground mining. It is planned that the copper produced at Küre will meet 8 to 9% of national demand. Together with the Murgul plant, this will meet 15% of the national demand.

Kure Mining Fields were affiliated to the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute (MTA) in 1939. With the incentives of Eti Bank, Kure produced copper ore during the first years of its operation then in 1987 a concentrator facility was built and Kure began producing and delivering copper and pyrite concentrates. Since 1998, the plant has been continuing its operations under Eti Bakir Co.

In 2004, the plant was taken over by Cengiz Holding and since then it has been continuing its operations as a part of the Holding. ​

Chalcopyrite copper ore is produced in the copper mining fields belong to Eti Bakir Co. Kure Plant. The produced copper ore is processed in the copper concentrator to produce copper and pyrite concentrates. The copper and pyrite concentrates are then transported to the Inebolu Loading Port to be shipped elsewhere.

The chalcopyrite copper ore mined from the fields is transferred to the concentrator facility. The ore which is fed to the concentrator is first crushed to achieve smaller grain sizes. Then, the ore is taken to the buffer stock area on conveyor belts from where it is fed to the fine crushing unit. Afterwards, it is passed through mills to make sure that the grain size is even smaller.

Subsequently, the material is enriched by the flotation process and then taken into the concentrator and dryer units. Finally, it transforms into a copper concentrate containing 17-18% copper.

This copper concentrate is transported to the Inebolu Loading Port to be shipped elsewhere.

There is non-stop stripping and drilling work at our facility and we incessantly continue to look for new reserves.

Furthermore, our laboratory at the Eti Bakir Kure Plant can perform ore preparation and chemical analyses. Therefore, we have regular quality controls and can analyse numerous elements.

Our Küre Concentrator Plant incorporates the following plants/facilities:

  • Underground mines
  • Concentrator facility
  • Laboratory
  • İnebolu Stock Site and Port Loading Facility