Mazidagi Phospate Plant

Eti Bakir Co. Mazidagi Phosphate Plants are established in the district of Mazidagi in Mardin. They are at 90km to Diyarbakir, 65 km to Mardin and 520 km to the Port of Iskenderun.

The plant was established in 1974 to fulfil a portion of Turkey’s phosphate fertilizer requirement and reduce her dependency on imports. Later on it was transferred to the Privatisation Administration by a resolution of the Supreme Board of Privatisation and was put out to tender in 2011. In July 2011 Cengiz Holding purchased the plant and included it in its family.

Mazidagi Phosphate Plants has started its operations to: fulfil a portion of Turkey’s fertilizer need, where as a country of agriculture Turkey relies on imports; create employment, and; contribute to the economy of Turkey. The plant’s capacity for producing phosphate rock is 550,000 tons per year.

Mazıdağı Phosphate Plant in Mardin is to commence service as a fertilizer plant in 2018 with an investment of USD 1.1 billion.
The Eti Bakır A.Ş. Mazıdağı Phosphate Plant in Mardin was taken over by Cengiz Holding in 2011 and the annual phosphate rock production capacity of the plant exceeds 550,000 tons. The new fertilizer plant is expected to be the biggest private sector investment in Eastern and South Eastern Anatolian Regions. The Mazıdağı Fertilizer plant will generate all the power it needs and it is anticipated that 85% of its raw material requirement will be met from within Turkey. The plant’s initial share of the fertilizer market will be 20%. The Mazıdağı Phosphate and Fertilizer Plant, which will be the only fertilizer plant in the region, will have an annual production of 750,000 tons of fertilizer, 200,000 tons of DAP and 550,000 tons of NP, meeting the entire fertilizer requirements of the Harran Plain.

Eti Bakir Mazidagi Plant incorporates the following plants/facilities:
• ​Mining Fields
• Concentrator
​• Laboratory

Plant Production Capacity:

  • NP 550,000 tons/year, DAP 200,000 tons/year