Samsun Copper facilities were established in the district of Tekkekoy, located in east Samsun, in order to produce blister copper by using the ore deposits in the Black Sea Region. The Samsun Smelter was commissioned on 23 January 1973 when the furnace was fired up, followed by the commissioning of our sulphuric acid production facilities in 1975.​

Plants which were taken over in 2004 under privatisation continue their operation within Cengiz Holding under the commercial title of Eti Bakir Co. As the only factory of Turkey where copper is produced from ore, Eti Bakir Samsun Plant continuously invests in new facilities and technology to adapt itself to the technological developments of the day and be competitive in international markets. As such, the plant makes a significant contribution to our Turkey’s, and particularly Samsun’s, economy. Furthermore, as an environment sensitive company Eti Bakir Co. invests in waste treatment and recovery facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The feasibility work on the copper electrolysis was started in the second half of 2008 and the plant was finally commissioned in early 2011 along with the copper anode production. Around the same time, the comprehensive modernisation and maintenance work on the smelter was completed and the anode casting machine with 180 tons/charge capacity was included in the facility. As a result of refining the anode containing 99-99.5% copper at the smelter, we achieve 99.9999% pure electrolytic copper cathodes.

Our electrolysis facility which is set up in an indoor area of about 10,000m2 and which has 588 production cells produces 70,000 tons of copper cathodes per year and it is the biggest and most modern electrolysis facility in Turkey. The copper cathodes produced here have LME A Grade specifications.

Production equipment can be controlled and checked from a control centre by monitoring and recording the parameters of the electrolysis process. Therefore, quality of the produced copper cathodes is always kept at a level to our customers’ satisfaction.
Eti Bakir Co. produces 42,000 mt electrolytic copper and 200,000 mt sulphuric acids per year. Furthermore, our recently completed Amonium Sulphate Fertilizer will be producing 300,000 mt Amonium sulphate fertilizer when it is commissioned.
Our laboratory is capable of making the quality control of all kinds of raw materials and products with high precision. Particularly, our lab’s copper analyses capability can easily compete with any international referee labs. Our lab is also accredited for water analyses and it continues to deliver a variety of services with its renewed outlook, new technology devices and highly efficient expertise.

Eti BakIr Co. Samsun Smelter incorporates the following facilities/plants:

  • Smelter and Anode Casting Plant
  • Sulphuric Acid Plant
  • Concentrator Plant
  • Electrolysis/Copper Cathode Plant
  • Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer Plant
  • Laboratory

Plant Production Capacity

  • Concentrated Copper Processing 400.000 tons/year
  • Blister Copper Production 70.000 tons/year
  • Anode Copper Production 70.000 tons/year
  • Cathode Copper Production 70.000 tons/year